achuTM x Fitbit

sickness prediction on Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic.

 The achuTM sickness prediction experience is now available on the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic clock face.


achu’s prediction power, right on your wrist.

Sync your Fitbit Versa or Fitbit Ionic with your achuTM account and stay one step ahead of your health. Calibrate your personalized algorithm by inputting a sickness and achuTM will calculate your risk of getting sick.

More than just a clock face.

Not only will  it calculate your risk of getting sick based on your health data but it will also give you health tips and daily weather.

Getting sick is a thing of the past, when you can predict the future.

Don't have a Fitbit Versa or Fitbit Ionic?

The iOS and Android versions of achuTM are compatible with the entire Fitbit family.